As the market leader, ASAP Worldwide is always interested in recruiting talented individuals who share our vision and passion for excellence.

The selection process is short and described here:


•    Application letter, which includes a cover letter and resume.

•    Resume screening by our HR department.

•    Telephone interviews with selected candidates to provide more information about the position and to find out more about the prospective applicants.

•    Invitation to the Selective Training.

•    Selective Training at our Headquarters in Barcelona (This training allows you to learn more about the position and allows us to further evaluate your fit with the position.)

•    Job offer to join our Sales Representatives in the field.

Our HR department coordinates a few selective trainings per year in order to select the best sales representatives to join our teams in the field.


‘Life Through a Newbie Lens…’

“Fundamentally, the “raison d'être” for the three-day Selective Training was not only to assess our ability to (competently) execute the duties of our would-be job but also to see if our personalities gelled with the ASAP family. Over the next three days, we dissected every stage, not only of ASAP as an organisation but also the field projects! […]


My nights resembled those of my degree-days: laptop open on the bed, papers strewn everywhere, cocooned by a rather useless fortress of half-empty coffee mugs and hair more bizarre than Russell Brand’s. I wanted everything to be perfect. And that’s the moment you know that you really want this job. That this job is for you. [...] And when I had been told I had got the job? In the words of Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, “…Come up in the spot lookin’ extra fly, ‘fore the day I die, I’mma touch the sky!"


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